Revising A Descriptive Essay

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Writers especially are very attached to their own words.

They wrote them, and they are reluctant to change them.

But remember that you can write the best sentence in the whole world, and it can be a sentence that absolutely does not belong in what you are writing.

That is when you need to take a pair of scissors, cut the sentence out, and save it in a folder for later. Maybe you will later find that you have a whole folder full of great sentences.

In doing so, you can "sleep on it." Don't look at it for at least a whole day.

Or, if you only have an hour to distance yourself from it, do something in the meantime that will allow you to clear your head and not think about your paper at all.While these two are important steps that should be done before you submit any piece of writing, they do not actually constitute revision. Revision is the process of looking back on your writing (or someone else's writing) and making changes to it to make it better.Many books give advice on revising that isn't really helpful.The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you distance yourself from your work. There is one very easy way to distance yourself from your work; leave it alone, at least overnight.So yes, you need to finish your work at least a few days before it is actually due.We also learn more in the meantime, either about our writing or the topic that we are writing about, or just about ourselves. Nobody gets a piece "right" on the very first try, which is why writers go back many times and rework their writing so that it makes more sense, is clearer, and is more presentable to the reader.Although you should read the full text of this section, for some quick revision hints click here.Narrative essays should generally be quite descriptive, for example.Still, you may encounter assignments in which you are asked to maintain a descriptive style for most of the essay.Then, when you pick it up again, you can begin to revise it.Revision is a very difficult concept to teach to people.


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