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On the downside, this style makes it harder for hiring managers to quickly scan your work background.

This resume merges the functional resume and chronological resume.

If you received a social work-related academic or professional award, note it in a separate section on your resume.

Memberships to social work organizations are also noteworthy, so list your professional affiliations.

It features a small timeline of your work history, but begins with a career summary.

It is ideal for recent graduates or working professionals who have held several jobs.On the negative side, the date-centered formatting exposes gaps in work history.This style begins with a summary of your skills followed by a summary of your professional accomplishments.List your job experience in reverse chronological order.Each job should be offset from the others with bold font and bullets.Be sure to include the treatments you administered.When describing your duties, use action verbs such as demonstrated, delegated, and orchestrated.It is common to be asked to submit proof of your qualifications.For example, an employer may ask for a copy of your degree.Preferred qualifications are those an employer hopes you have.Professionals with preferred qualifications are often put ahead of candidates without them, but those lacking preferred qualifications are not out of the running.


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