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While I find these concepts somewhat fuzzy and I struggle sometimes to explain the differences between them and clarify their usage for my students (and clearly I am not alone in this challenge), this blog post is an attempt to help discern these analytical categories more clearly.

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In doing so, Zeitoun and Allan explain the role of each theoretical construct (Power, Hydro-Hegemony, Political Economy) and how they apply to transboundary water conflict.

Another good example of a theoretical framework is that posited by Dr.

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Viewed this way, a conceptual framework offers insight that would not be otherwise be gained without a more profound understanding of the concepts explained in the framework.

For example, in this article, Beck offers social movement theory as a conceptual framework that can help understand terrorism. Analytical frameworks discuss where we can go with this. — Dan Kaminsky (@dakami) September 28, 2018 One of my CIDE students, Andres Ruiz, reminded me of this article on conceptual frameworks in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Three of the most challenging concepts for me to explain are the interrelated ideas of a theoretical framework, a conceptual framework, and an analytical framework.

All three of these tend to be used interchangeably.


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