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There is no issue choosing a simple project topic; the only problem is your ability to choose a good project or research topic that your supervisor will easily approve for you.

Most project supervisors really want to see how good his or her project student understands his or her surrounding through the kind of topic he or she chooses for their project work.

Such project topic will be very interesting to write on.

Now what are the qualities of a good project topic? The materials for the project topic must be easily assessa...

One of the areas that have been a challenging aspect of any project work is the hypothesis testing.

Testing a hypothesis in most project work is simply a prelude to the data analysis or simply put it’s just a prerequisite to the actual data analysis of the project work.

Being able to develop any final year project depends on getting a researchable topic whether it is Accounting Undergraduate project topics, Banking and Finance research topics or banking and finance project topics and materials and it all requires diligent hard work of students who are willing to develop bes...

Read More » Students in Nigerian universities these days wish to choose a very simple project topic/material.

in drafting an abstract, the chapters of your work has to be represented in as brief as possible manner, picking out the salient points in each chapter.

During project presentation or defence, the research supervisor first looks at the abstract and from there alone can determine if your work, paper or Most project work has the chapter four which consists of data analysis and interpretation.


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