Research Papers On Intrusion Detection

Research Papers On Intrusion Detection-7
Basic skills and knowledge in Systems and Security required.

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This project aims at exploring reproducibility literature, practises and tools to develop solutions adapted to IDS.We propose to investigate methods to generate shareable IDS evaluations.The idea is not to build an IDS benchmark (a task seemingly impossible as systems must evolve alongside threats), but rather to explore technical and non-technical means to share software artefacts allowing the reproduction of an evaluation. Feature selection in network intrusion detection using metaheuristic algorithms. "Feature selection in network intrusion detection using metaheuristic algorithms." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 4.4 (2018). With the rapid development of vehicle intelligent and networking technology, the IT security of automotive systems becomes an important area of research.Therefore, the vehicle are unprotected against malicious attacks.Since CAN bus is actually the most widely used field bus for in-vehicle communications in current automobiles, the security aspects of CAN bus is focused on.These services are provided over the Internet using known networking protocols, standards and formats under the supervision of different managements.Existing bugs and vulnerabilities in underlying technologies and legacy protocols tend to open doors for intrusion.Based on the analysis of the current research status of CAN bus network security, this paper summarizes the CAN bus potential security vulnerabilities and the attack means.Aiming at flood, spoof, drop, replay and modify attacks of CAN bus, an in-vehicle intrusion detection system is designed consisting of a network interface & analysis module, an intrusion detection module based on Adaptive-Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) and a feature database.


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