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As an example, substantive human rights for the human computer robotised brains will cause the biological robot machines to crash (cognitive dissonance) when there are two programmes with two conflicting sets of data: remove children’ and checks and balances conflict.In the current information age the human robot commands will at some point have gone through computerisation; the format changes will be computer screen – documentation emanating from the computer (visual display unit, or ‘command centre’) such as ‘Children Act;’ Local authority safeguarding procedure for ‘suffering or likely to suffer significant harm at the hands of the care-giver.’ Other documentary data which also will feature in the human robot programme will be ‘threshold’ and ‘future emotional harm.’ At these data in the programme instructions, the human automatons although its genesis starts at the computer screen the human robot’s computerised robotic brains will immediately go into compliance mode albeit even where any limited artificial intelligence was available it will remain dormant and subject to functionality purposes only.Unlike the metal mechanical robot counterparts which are capable of learning to a limited extent (a bit like a very young child is learning the mile stones), the human robots cannot learn and adapt to families and children’s complex needs in the modern age.

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Human rights programming has been attempted previously but human robots deliver the message ‘malfunction!

’ The programmers inspect the human computers to find out what has gone wrong but it transpires there is no programme for ‘checks and balances.’ The social worker human robots programming is the 3 year Bachelor of Arts degree which encompasses sufficient psychology and sociology to control the lives of the stigmatised non middle class families and children’s lives.

(MEPA) was enacted to prohibit any organization that receives federal funding and participates in the adoptive or foster care process from delaying or denying the placement of a child due to the race, color, or national origin of the adoptive or foster parent or the child involved."In my teens, I became hungry to be a part of some kind of black community, black identity," Bertelsen said.

"What was missed primarily was, you know, strong familiar representations of black life other than the ones I was getting through popular culture."In the early to mid-1970s hundreds of orphans were flown to Australia as part of “Operation Babylift.” This effort was a $2-million U. initiative that ultimately airlifted more than 2,500 Vietnamese orphans out of a war-torn country to protect them from the impending threat of the Communist Regime then in power in Vietnam.

The normal every-day computer or laptop when the computer does not have enough data processing availability will just crash and require technical support to make it function.

Similar to computers the human automatons will crash where the data consists of state rules and families and children’s natural rights in a democracy.

For example, the human robots are made of skeleton, have skin tissue, and the vital organs necessary to support the human automaton life form to keep the biological automaton apparatus functioning.

It is actually very concerning as it is difficult to tell human beings apart from the human automatons. ' The human robots possess a brain in the physical sense of the word; but unfortunately the biological machine’s brain is not capable of higher thinking.

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