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Scientists have developed a nano-thermometer able to take temperatures inside cells.The technique takes advantage of the fluorescent properties of a modified molecular rotor and the viscosity of the ...Research into the self-destruction of cells in humans and plants could lead to treatments for neurodegenerative brain diseases and the development of disease-resistant plants. Biologists have shed new light on a crucial aspect of the plant immune response.

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An international team of scientists reports that a single amino acid change in the light-sensing rhodopsin protein played a critical role when herring adapted to the red-shifted light environment in ...

Messenger RNA molecules contain genetic information and thus control the synthesis of proteins in living cells.The work examines the slight difference in genetic makeup of male flies who hail from the north and those from the ...Researchers have determined the structure of a key enzyme complex that is involved in DNA repair, and traced the cycle of conformational changes that it undergoes while performing its biochemical ...During their daily quest for survival, plants need to strike a careful balance between growth and defence.Both functions are vital for their successful reproduction, however, most plants are not ...They are generated by progenitor cells, which produce ...Evolutionary biologists have published findings on sex determinates of house flies.Researchers have developed a method with which they can further investigate an important messenger substance in plants -- phosphatidic acid.Using a new biosensor, they are able to track the activity ...Articles are given Citation Classics designations based on the highest number of citations per year over the last five years (Recent Classics) or earlier (Early Classics).Less than 1% of articles are given has a Press Office that periodically sends out news releases regarding upcoming articles of interest to the general public and scientists at large.


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