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For example, people who have healthy cholesterol levels, still have heart attacks and strokes because they have weak blood vessels and poor circulation.And a common denominator of high blood pressure is again, poor blood flow and "thicker" blood.

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Strokes on my dad's side and heart attacks on my mom's.

So, for 20 years I've done my best to make sure my parent's do everything possible to help avoid anything that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

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This paper presents an application of fractal analysis to characterization of global cerebral blood flow and immunohistopathology for ischemic stroke research on animal experiments.

A brain's vasculature has features of a branching tree and can be modeled as a fractal system.

Fractal analysis can be then employed to assess cerebral blood flow and immuno-positives on a whole brain section.

Fractal analysis on experimental data from three imaging modalities under ischemic and control status is presented in this paper.

Statistic analysis and correlative study prove the effectiveness of fractal analysis.

The optimal dosage and correct herbal extracts are used, to maximize the positive benefits and results.

Because of this, improved blood flow & reduction in plaque buildup can be seen and verified in only 30days.


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