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The front view of the face was, however, retained as a hieroglyph from the Archaic period to the end of the use of hieroglyphic writing.Similar cases involve the depiction of various tools and implements.Among these were hieroglyphs for God or individual gods as well as those for the king or the palace.

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Hieroglyphic texts are found primarily on the walls of temples and tombs, but they also appear on memorials and gravestones, on statues, on coffins, and on all sorts of vessels and implements.

Hieroglyphic writing was used as much for secular texts—historical inscriptions, songs, legal documents, scientific documents—as for religious subject matter—cult rituals, myths, hymns, grave inscriptions of all kinds, and prayers.

Although some of the objects themselves fell out of use in the course of history—e.g., the general use of clubs as weapons—their representations, mainly misunderstood, were preserved in the hieroglyphic script.

The hieroglyphs corresponding to objects that had disappeared from daily life were therefore no longer well known and were occasionally distorted beyond recognition.

The prerequisite of every writing system is a basic standardization, but such a standardization is not equivalent to a canon (an established body of rules and principles) in the degree of stylistic conformity that it requires.

A recognized canon of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing arose in the 3rd dynasty and was maintained until the end of the use of the script.

The Egyptian writing called hieroglyphics used pictures to represent different objects, actions, sound or ideas. It depends on which way the people or animals are facing.

Write like an Egyptian, see you name in hieroglyphs How do we know how to read hieroglyphics ? Hieroglyphics uses small pictures which represent the sound of the object or an idea associated with the object. You need to look closely at the hieroglyphs to find out.

There was no lack of attempts to replace the hieroglyphic writing, cumbersome and ever more divergent from the spoken language, with the simpler and more convenient Greek script.

Such experiments, however, remained ineffective precisely because of the emotional value that the old writing system had when the country was under the foreign domination of the Macedonian Greeks and the Romans.


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