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Overall, when one examines the specific reasons that the United Nations used for the process of decision making in Darfur, it becomes evident that the ruling in this case did more than just consider the acts of murder being committed in Darfur.

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With this in mind, this investigation considers two prominent questions in the case of Darfur: By answering these two key questions, it should be possible to provide some salient advice for the response of the international community to this tenuous situation.

The political and legal dynamics surrounding the conflict in Darfur, Sudan threaten the entire structure of the international Responsibility to Protect (Rto P).

General concern in the west and Africa has been expressed in different...

more Only through an exhaustive, in-depth approach to the reasons that have caused the ongoing Darfur Genocide, and following a thorough understanding of the criminal work of the French, namely the fabrication of a false language, an inexistent culture, and a bogus-nation, can people realize the tragedy befallen on the various peoples of Sudan – that are all non-Arabs.

All people in Khartoum know already that they live the end of a long tyrannical experience; they have not identified the forthcoming solution, but they have the real feeling that the nightmare named ‘Sudan’ has already its expiry date. No one knows the details of the final, ultimate division of Sudan; even the number of the emanating countries is not precisely told. Will the Red Sea coast’s Beja / Blemmyes ultimately get the freedom they have fought so many centuries for?


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