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Offers no solution in itself it just eases the tension allowing the problem to be solved later through other means which implies that it has no long term application and also reduces employees relationships 1.

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Negotiation, the most heavily researched approach to conflict resolution, has mainly been studied in laboratory experiments, in which undergraduate participants are randomly assigned to conditions.

These studies have mostly looked at antecedents of the strategies adopted by negotiators and the outcomes attained, including whether agreement is reached, the joint benefit to both parties, and the individual benefit to each party.

They will also learn about each other in a way that will sustain peace between them. If the selected strategy is not successful, what is your alternate strategy? David and James would fall in the same group and with the assistance of an administrator be expected to work together and their progress monitored.

This would allow them appreciate the need to work together for the good of the organization (Catlin, 2000).

Exiting the early stage and entering the middle stage, we can see the kitchen-sinking concept come into, "Once a negative climate has been set, it is stoked by other unconstructive communication.

People often engage in kitchen-sinking, in which everything except the kitchen sink is thrown into the argument" (Wood 234).Settlements sometimes end a conflict for good, but when there are deeper issues – such as value clashes among people who must work together, distressed relationships, or mistreated members of one's ethnic group across a border – settlements are often temporary.Unproductive conflict; this can be done by analyzing the three stages executed during this type of communication: the early stage, the middle stage, and the later stage.The assignment would create an opportunity for them to identify the strengths and weaknesses in each other that would make their coexistence in the work place better since they will know each other better.During the discussion, they will most probably start by highlighting their differences and stressing that they should not interfere with their work.An apology from James may not create a friendship between them but it will definitely reduce the hard feelings they have for each other.Conflict resolution is any reduction in the severity of a conflict.Last but not least, solutions will be proposed as the conflict enters the later stage, where respect shall be maintained, ideas are exchanged, and resolutions are formed.Contrary to a negative climate, this form of communication seeks to create a positive, more tolerable environment.It may involve conflict management, in which the parties continue the conflict but adopt less extreme tactics; settlement, in which they reach agreement on enough issues that the conflict stops; or removal of the underlying causes of the conflict.The latter is sometimes called "resolution", in a narrower sense of the term that will not be used in this article.


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