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If you rely on your own knowledge, you might ask yourself, "What categories of nonverbal communication do I know about?" You might recall categories like gesture, proxemics, eye contact, and touch.You will have narrowed your topic from a broad one of nonverbal interpersonal communication to a narrow one of aversive gaze behavior.

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Your investment in the topic must carry you through to the completion of the paper.

The other problem you might encounter is that you find no research at all covering your topic.

Discuss the assignment with class members and with the professor. If you have been assigned to critique, you will want to select a topic you find intriguing so your critique will engage the reader.

If the assignment is made orally in class, take notes. If you are intending to review--such as review literature for a specific area--you will need to identify some areas of interest and go on an expedition to the library to discover which of those areas provides you with available material to review.

If you looked for articles about nonverbal communication in academic journals, you would learn that your search generated hundreds of articles. Once you discover this problem, narrow your topic by increments.

You can decide the increments for yourself or you can use the articles you generated to help you.

Discuss the expectations your professor has when s/he asks you to "analyze" rather than "review." Before you begin to think about topics, understand your assignment.

Be careful not to choose a topic that is too broad.

Clarify for yourself what kind of paper you will be writing. In each case, your topic selection needs to be directly related to your goal for writing the paper.

If you are going to compare and contrast, you need to select a topic where comparison and contrast will be possible.


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