Research Paper On A Real-Life Detective

This might include witnesses and family and friends of the suspect.

CIs study records, observe suspicious activities and suspects, and help with raids and arrests.

Answer: Investigators usually work at least 40 hours a week and must be willing to work various shifts, including holidays, nights, and weekends. However, the continuing education or training required generally depends upon the organization for which the investigator works.

The show ran for seven seasons from 1991 to 2006 with Dame Helen Mirren as the DS Jane Tennison.

One of the main contexts in which an investigator works are crime scenes.

The investigator is charged with studying the scene and determining what may have occurred based on the evidence observed and collected at the scene.Some agencies also offer internship programs for aspiring investigators that provide real-world experience that can enhance employment prospects.A criminal investigator must possess such traits as the ability to pay careful attention to even the smallest of details and to conduct independent research.The job of a CI is to attempt to solve each case that comes his or her way.The nature of the work tends to be specialized based on the CI's education and experience and the needs of the organization for which he or she works.Criminal investigators generally work for local, state, and federal government agencies, such as state police, the US Forestry Department, the Inspector General, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the FBI.Investigators with extensive experience may earn promotions to special units or to high-ranking administrative positions.As an investigator gains experience his or her responsibilities increase, which may include promotion to a supervisory position.Detectives, who are also CIs, typically investigate a particular class of crime, such as homicide.It may also be helpful to pursue courses in crime scene investigation, forensics, psychology, and sociology.Positions with federal agencies typically require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.


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