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Many of the structural regularities underlying musical discourse are yet to be discovered and, accordingly, their historical evolution remains formally unknown.

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You are allowed to quote the textbook or any other sources as long as you use quotation marks, and as long as you do it sparingly. Essay Questions Please answer these questions using your own words.

Please do not use lengthy quotes, quote whole passages, several consecutive sentences or entire paragraphs – even if you use quotation marks, from any sources.

Music research papers can be written about vocal music or instrumental music or theory topics.

Here are some ideas: Music topics can be general, large topics like genres, artists, or movements.

These general topics are better suited for lower-level music courses instead of junior or senior level courses.

When you get into graduate classes or more specific courses, it is better to focus on narrowed topics. Music History Essay Questions (Approximately 300 words per response for Questions.) Please answer these questions using your own words. This book is not required but the Norton Music Website may be useful.When you choose a topic for a music research paper, you should always be sure the topic is arguable and does not have an obvious answer.If you want to make the topic more interesting for your and your reader, you can always argue the side that no one would imagine to be arguable.Papers about musical topics are more enjoyable for students to write than the papers about scientific or literary topics.The reason that music papers are more fun for students to write is because there are so many interesting topics.For instance, if your topic is about music and mind concentration, you will go further and point out specific music genres that distract or boost brain concentration.Popular music is a key cultural expression that has captured listeners' attention for ages.Yes, it is debatable because it’s specific and would raise a lot of opinions from different individuals.For quality research, you have to base your arguments on different angles besides scientific evidence e.g. That said, you must therefore start by learning the fundamental elements of an argumentative research paper.


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