Research Paper In Computer-Aided Instruction

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Motivation was defined as the number of problems attempted.

Achievement was defined as the number of problems completed correctly. Repeated measures analyses of covariance were performed on the achievement and motivation dependent variables.

Before the introduction of microcomputers, computer companies such as IBM pioneered efforts in helping to define the role of computers in education.

In 1959, schoolchildren used IBM computers for the first time, for solving arithmetic problems.

When achievement was defined as the number of multiplication problems completed correctly, the CAI students achieved more than the CAIm students, followed by the Pap&pen students.

When achievement was measured by pre- and post- achievement test comparison, there were no significant effects.After systematically analyzing courses in arithmetic and other subjects, Suppes designed highly structured computer systems featuring learner feedback, lesson branching, and student recordkeeping.During the 1970s, another influential source of CAI was the University of Illinois PLATO system.Research on the effectiveness of computer use on educational outcomes is mixed, but suggests that computer-based instruction increases student achievement at least as much as more conventional modes of instruction. However, CAI is still an important component of curriculum in the Information Age.While information technologies, more specifically desktop computers, have had an enormous impact on American business and how business is transacted over the past several decades, instruction at the K–12 level has not undergone the “megachange” that technology was predicted to produce in U. CAI may include: assessment of students, presentation of educational materials, repetitive drill practice, game-based drills, and tracking of student performance and progress.This entry looks at the growth of CAI from a tool used to facilitate drills to a central player in preparing students for a digital society.The first computers used for instruction were computer-driven flight simulators used to train pilots at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s.The scope of the study is limited to a sample of students from two high schools in Iran.Thus, the results are indicative rather than conclusive. Download as . More work needs to be carried out involving a larger sample not confined to the Iranian setting to produce more conclusive findings. New technologies and software featuring CAI should be implemented and used in the teaching process, especially for those courses which contain abstract concepts like mathematics. (2010), "Computer‐assisted instruction and student attitudes towards learning mathematics", Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, Vol.


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