Research Paper About Hunger

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Through fanfiction and other modes of counter-storytelling, young people of color have reinvisioned fantastic worlds that reflect their own experiences, their own lives.

As Thomas powerfully asserts, “we dark girls deserve more, because we are more.”The world of Panem sketched in Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games trilogy appears resolutely agnostic.

Las tres partes en que se divide la obra, dedicadas, respectivamente, a la ciencia ficción, el horror y la fantasía suponen una visión minuciosa y rigurosa de algunas de las principales proyecciones en las que se han visto plasmados nuestros sueños colectivos, desde las aventuras cartográficas de un mundo todavía por descubrir, en la Antigüedad, hasta los temores frente a un futuro siniestro, en el que la continuidad misma de la vida en el planeta queda en entredicho; desde los mitos del bosque como umbral hacia otros mundos hasta la pesadilla distópica de El cuento de la criada.

Habitamos hoy un tiempo de lo incierto, a menudo incomprensible, pero investigar sobre la fantasía nos permite entender mejor qué es lo que deseamos como sociedad y a qué tenemos miedo.

The Dark Fantastic is an engaging and provocative exploration of race in popular youth and young adult speculative fiction. Analyzing their narratives and audience reactions to them reveals how these characters mirror the violence against black and brown people in our own world.

Research Paper About Hunger

Grounded in her experiences as YA novelist, fanfiction writer, and scholar of education, Thomas considers four black girl protagonists from some of the most popular stories of the early 21st century: Bonnie Bennett from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Rue from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, Gwen from the BBC’s Merlin, and Angelina Johnson from J. In response, Thomas uncovers and builds upon a tradition of fantasy and radical imagination in Black feminism and Afrofuturism to reveal new possibilities.

We then trace discussions of hope that arise in Collins's trilogy before concluding by making comparisons to formulations of transcendent hope in the biblical narrative, particularly with respect to song and hope in light of death.

Desde que Joseph Campbell publicara en 1949 El héroe de las mil caras muchos han sido los paladines que han cumplido las etapas del viaje del héroe en el ámbito audiovisual.

This problem lies not only with children’s publishing, but also with the television and film executives tasked with adapting these stories into a visual world.

When characters of color do appear, they are often marginalized or subjected to violence, reinforcing for audiences that not all lives matter.


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