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These differences are robust to a variety of specifications and are generally consistent across race and gender subgroups.

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Each state’s policy for teen access to birth control varies, but a total of 46 states and the District of Columbia allow minors to receive birth control without parental consent.

Previous literature has found minors who have access to birth control and parents who support the use of birth control are more likely to use contraceptives than teens with parents who are unsupportive of contraceptives.

Student/Author: Angela Lee School Affiliation: Harvard University Paper Title: A Time-Sensitive Analysis of the Work-Crime Relationship for Young People (1.4MB) Abstract: While entrance into the labor market and desistance from crime both typically occur during the transition to adulthood, it is unclear whether employment causes reductions in crime for young people.

Employment may reduce crime by offering routines, income, and supervision.

Recent studies on the collateral consequences of incarceration have explored the implications of parental incarceration for children's behavioral problems, academic achievement, health, and housing stability, but none have yet examined the social networks of these children.

Using network data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, I find that children of recently incarcerated fathers have more disadvantaged social networks than other adolescents: they have fewer friends, are more socially isolated, and are connected to less advantaged, less academically successful and more delinquent friends than their peers.

Student/Author: Brielle Bryan School Affiliation: Harvard University Paper Title: Paternal Incarceration and Adolescent Social Network Disadvantage (244KB) Abstract: This paper explores the relationship between paternal incarceration and the structure and quality of adolescents' social networks.

Previous research suggests that the composition of adolescents' social networks is important for exposing them to, or insulating them from, disadvantageous peer relationships and providing social support during a critical developmental period.

Latinas also demonstrated a stronger relationship between feeling underweight and low self-esteem compared to blacks, for whom a lot/whole lot of perceived changes in curviness were related to high self-esteem.

Finally, compared to the other racial-ethnic groups, changes in breast size were strongly correlated with low self-esteem and high depressive affect for Asians girls.


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