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Short deadlines which would not impact on the dates on which the student’s marks would be considered by the Exam Board and Degree Committee can normally be considered locally.For longer extensions, students should initiate an application for an extension via their Cam SIS self-service account (please see below).If you don’t submit your thesis by your submission date and you do not have an extension approved, you will be removed from the Register of Graduate Students, and would only be re-instated upon submission of your thesis.

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All requests for an extension must address two key questions: 1.

Why have you been delayed in submitting your thesis? Why is it essential that you remain on the register beyond your current submission date?

If you are making your application on medical grounds, you will need to include a note from your medical doctor, counsellor or your College Graduate Tutor.

It is really important that you talk about any circumstances which are preventing you from working effectively with one or more of these staff from your graduate team.

To apply for an extension to your dissertation submission deadline you must complete an extension to dissertation submission deadline application.

Please see the ' Extension to dissertation submission deadline’ web page to download the extension request form and guidance notes and for full details of the extension process.All applications to extend the submission date for these programmes must be made via your Cam SIS self-service account (please see below under 'Submitting your application').For MPhil and MEd students, your submission date is set within one year for full-time students and within two years for part-time students.For an application to be approved, valid responses must be provided to these questions.If your application to extend your submission date is approved, but you will still be able to submit your thesis and complete your examination within the validity of your current visa, there will be no further implications.'Applying for a change in your student status' page.Your application will be considered by your supervisor, department, College and Degree Committee before arriving at the Student Registry for the final decision.It is advisable to contact the International Student Office to check the implications of any change of circumstances on your visa status: (International.Extending the Submission Deadline of your Ph D Thesis (otherwise known as extending your 'end of registration date': what you need to do and how to apply You should aim to submit your thesis within four years at a maximum.Your very final submission deadline or ‘registration date’ can be found on your self-service pages in Cam SIS and is likely to be the 30 September four years on from when you began your programme (if you started in October and have not undertaken any period of intermission).If you know that you will be unable to submit your thesis before your final submission deadline, you will need to make a formal application via your self-service pages in Cam SIS in advance of the final submission deadline.


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