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Every essay will always ask for the same exact topic: which is to explain how the author uses features to strengthen his/her argument.So by features, the SAT is referring to stylistic writing strategies that the author uses. A majority of test-takers who aren't able to reach top scores are unable to do so primarily because they are approaching this essay more focused on re-telling the content and offering "deep" commentary like a standard English class essay.Unfortunately, I was dealing with a severe case of jetlag after returning from a 2-week visit to Vietnam.

(For reference, the instructions state: Write an essay in which you explain how Danielle Bustamante builds an argument to persuade her audience that broadband Internet access should be available to all Americans.)So we've already got the first tip here.

Your essay doesn't need some crazy cool introduction or some stupid philosophical meaning to start off.

The SAT Graders spend hours and hours in single sittings flipping through these essays.

(I heard they live in dungeons and are always grouchy because they run on three hours of sleep with no morning coffee) Most likely they aren't going to spend any more than 3-4 minutes per essay TOPS.

Be concise and don't re-summarize unnecessary content!

It's really a lot like FRQ responses on AP tests.

They're like treasure hunters, looking to find only the goooood stuff that's gonna get you your high numbers.

Don't make your job hard for them, and don't make it harder for yourself.

Upon arrival, my ID was checked and I was told to look for a yellow ticket with my name on it. The next 4 hours went by pretty fast, but I managed to get a good handle on the exam and the concepts that were being tested. They contain everything I know about the SAT—all the concepts, strategies, and question types you need to know to get a perfect score. Download the SAT Question of the Day App and do all those questions.

These tickets were all laid out on a long table in the cafeteria. I was told to wait at a separate table in the cafeteria until all the other students were sent off to their testing rooms. For the May 2016 test in particular, I devised an essay template for any passage that got me a high score of 21/24 (7/7/7). Start at least several months before your test date, preferably over the summer. Get a list of vocab words and start studying them (you get one for free when you sign up to my newsletter).


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