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If you’ve seen the photos, then you know that Aylan’s red shirt, blue shorts and velcro shoes still clung to him when his body was found washed ashore on a Turkish beach.If you’ve heard the interview with his dad, then you know Abdullah Kurdi did everything he could to save his family before they were swept away.One for the zealous enthusiasms of all teen readers. With his much-respected, much-beloved father he arrives in England ready to see the sights.

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It’s really not a choice.” After landing in Greece, some are bussed to registration facilities miles away; others, including the elderly, the pregnant and the young, walk the distance in the burning heat.

“Increasingly, more people are sleeping in roadsides or ports.

And largely, yes, Alem does receive care from Britain.

The hotel owner contacts the Refugee Council and Social Services who arrange for Alem to be taken into care, first in a children's home and later with a wonderfully kind and supportive foster family.

Alem would like to be an architect when he grows up and he spends his day dreaming of what he'd build where and how he'd incorporate old, traditional themes into his modern designs.

After sharing a happy meal the two holidaymakers return to the hotel for a much-needed nights sleep.

“I tried to catch my children and wife but there was no hope. The photos of the young boy went viral this week after Human Rights Watch director Peter Bouchard, among others, shared one on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a tragic image or story from the Syrian refugee crisis.

With barely time to wonder why it is his father keeps insisting so strongly that he must speak in English and not his native tongue, Alem sinks into bed a happy child.

But in the morning Alem's father is gone and Alem is alone.


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