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So the question really is: deal with it or do something about it?Alas, he finally decides to do it--to kill Claudius--and we think that the action is about to begin.

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In Act III, Scene iii, Hamlet sneaks into Claudius's room and finds him kneeling in prayer.

It seems like the perfect opportunity for Hamlet to do the deed: Claudius is distracted, his back is turned, at that very moment he's verbally confessing his sins of murder, and there's no one there to intervene.

But, no, he must think some more, plan the perfect murder. Hamlet devises an elaborate plan to stage a play reenacting Claudius murdering King Hamlet-- Hamlet's father.

His plan is that Claudius will be so disturbed by the play that the audience will be convinced of his guilt: 'The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.' While this is a relatively decent plan to expose Claudius, it's really just procrastination.

Assessment needs to be a continuous process throughout the marking period.

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But when it comes down to it, he spends more time in thought than he does in action. William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, might have been more accurately named, Hamlet, the Over-thinker and Procrastinator of Denmark, since Hamlet spends the entire play thinking and not doing.

In the very beginning of the play we learn that Hamlet wants to kill his uncle, King Claudius, to avenge, or get revenge for, his father's murder. We wait for the entire play for Hamlet to first make up his mind, and then to actually put a plan into action.

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