Reflective Essay On English 101

Reflective Essay On English 101-82
There are yardsticks set to measure the student’s progress in this course.Based on these yardsticks, I can comfortably say that I have at least achieved 60% of the course objectives as I can comfortably converse with people from different professions.

I will try writing various business articles and documents including writing some business proposals and then wait for the feedback from the various stakeholders I will present my documents too.

I might not have an elaborate way of testing my knowledge in science language but I will get various magazines and read them to ascertain my level of knowledge in the usage of language in that field.

In my case, the course was only allocated three months, which amounts to a single semester.

This means that one only gets to learn only the basics of the various fields taught in this period.

However, in terms of general knowledge, the course serves its purpose.

The course instructor had instructed each student to try writing an English paper on the various fields.Business English proved to be a challenge especially in writing the various business documents.Unlike in religion and law where most of the words are the usual English words, English in science and business employ a whole lot of foreign words in order to be in a position to describe effectively the various scientific and business phenomena.One of the great advantages of being a bilingual child was that I was able to make a friend or two everywhere I went.I was able to pick up on conversations with kids that spoke english or spanish.This is an English- based course on various fields.I will measure my knowledge in the actual application of this knowledge.Since the class has students from various professions, it thus becomes difficult to specialize in one specific field.It would be better if there could be classes for the same course, but those, which are designed for a specific field for instance, business or law.In school there were only a few selected students who were also bilingual, those were the students I clicked with the most and I still associate with them ‘til this day.English for special purposes (ESL) is an English course meant for students seeking to improve their communication skills in their future or current professions (Dudley-Evans, 45).


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