Reflective Essay Examples For High School

The only important thing is, is that you take credit and learn from your mistakes.Another advantage of taking this class, would have to be that I have learned how to manage my time better.

We were also provided with thorough instructions and if that wasn’t enough, they basically showed you how to do the task given.

If we even thought about making mistakes, they would fix them for us, ultimately making us too comfortable and avoiding the fact that we are supposed to make and fix our own mistakes.

From that moment on, I knew I had to be responsible and actually work for a better grade.

I definitely learned from that failure, and now I’ve passed every following assignment in this class.

One of my high school teachers explained to me that the grade norm in college is much different than that in high school.

For example, when you get a “B” or “C” in high school, it seems like the end of the world.

After that, I looked through different student examples that you provided and I also found some on my own.

In high school, annotated bibliographies were always very challenging to me.

I believe that college courses are intended to be difficult, simply because they’re familiar with high school teachers being more lenient.

It’s completely normal to fail your first test or quiz, because like I stated earlier, the workload and expectations are higher than they were before students moved from high school to college.


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