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The eighth edition has shifted focus and offers universal guidelines for all citations regardless of the source’s publication medium.The Modern Language Association refers to these guidelines as “The Core Elements.” If your teacher has asked you to cite your sources in this format, these elements will form the foundation for each MLA website citation included in your MLA Works Cited list, as well as the entries for sources in any other format.

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To have your reference list or bibliography automatically made for you, try our free citation generator.

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The Modern Language Association is not associated with this guide.

All of the information, however, is based on the as well as the MLA website, and is presented as guidance for students writing in this style.

Use the full title of the web page if it is short for the parenthetical citation.

Articles found on the web, like the example above, are not italicized in the reference entry and are not italicized but enclosed in quotations in the in-text citation, just like a newspaper or magazine article.To make an MLA 8 citation for a website, you will need the following pieces of information: The author’s name The title of the article or page The title of the website The name of the publisher (Note: Only include the name of the publisher when it differs from the name of the website.) The date the page or site was published (if available) The URL How to cite a website in MLA 8: Place the author’s name in reverse order, the last name first, followed by a comma, and then the first name followed by a period.The title of the web page or article is placed in quotation marks, with a period before the end quotation. [email protected]&vid=4&hid=4110&bdata=Jn Npd GU9ZWRz LWxpdm Umc2Nvc GU9c2l0ZQ==#db=bth&AN=67324416 [Accessed 21 Jun.All academic fields require students and researchers to document their sources.The title of the website is written in italics followed by a comma.If the name of the publisher differs from the name of the website, include it after the title. “Title of the Article or Individual Page.” , Penske Media Corporation, , you are a student faced with creating an MLA website citation for the first time, you may be confused about where to begin.This guide is here to answer all of your questions and take the guesswork out of creating an MLA citation for websites.If you are looking for help with APA format, our reference library can provide you with guidance for this and more styles.Students who have created an MLA citation for a website using previous versions of their handbook may recall that each source’s publication format determined which elements were to be included in its Works Cited entry.


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