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It is recommended that someone who has not already read the material undertake this important role.

: US Foreign Policy Towards Indian Non-Alignment, 1947- 1957’ (unpublished doctoral thesis, Swansea University, 2003), p.91. 102-103 If published: Treat as a Book with One Author (see 1.1., above).

Of course, you need your project to be done before the deadline.

So, for your convenience, you have an excellent opportunity to monitor the progress of the assigned writer and make sure that an essay will be prepared in a timely manner.

A bibliography may include additional literature that is not specifically cited.

Some departments will require that literature not specifically cited in the thesis is listed separately (the "Bibliography"), with the cited references listed as "References".

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Jegathala Krishnan, "Implementation of renewable energy to reduce carbon consumption and fuel cell as a back-up power for national broadband network (NBN) in Australia," Ph.

: US Foreign Policy Towards Indian Non-Alignment, 1947-1957’ (unpublished doctoral thesis, Swansea University, 2003) in Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses Global Dix, Jacqueline M., ‘The Power to Persuade?

Clark, PG 2011, Synthesis of interlocked molecules by olefin metathesis, doctoral thesis, California Institute of Technology, California, viewed 31 January 2012, D_Thesis__8-10-2010Interlocked molecules are defined as 'discrete molecules that contain no covalent bonds between them, but that cannot be separated without cleavage of at least one covalent bond' (Clark 2011, p.


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