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Instead of emulating other marketers, that means emulating magazines, TV shows, news websites, and anything else your audience might read and watch. They focused on getting Red Bull products into trendy shops, clubs and bars.Additional threats such as a public health concerns over the amount of caffeine included in Red Bull Energy Drinks have caused the drink to be banned.

Red Bull’s sponsored events are expensive but they also bring brand awareness and free to hundreds of thousands of current and attention consumers.

This innovation could be as simple as introducing a new energy drink flavor or as complex as creating an entirely new product. Red Bull’s anta-marketing strategies are the Converse of traditional advertising.

Without diversification, Red Bull will quickly fall behind Its more aggressive and more Innovative competition. Currently, Red Bull uses traditional advertising techniques to reinforce the brand to mature markets, but they do not use it to establish the market.

Red Bull has united its brand clearly and consistently with extreme sports and action.

In spite of its significant strengths, Red Bull also has weakness that it must overcome to remain successful in the highly- competitive energy drink Industry.


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