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You’ll notice that recyclable products are labeled with numbers from 1 to 7, 1 being the most recyclable, and 7 being the least recyclable. Also, check with your city to make sure that you have the correct disposal containers available to ensure your efforts are being put to good use and heading to the recycling center rather than the landfill you are working so hard to avoid!

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Apart from the environmental and emotional benefits, there is an economic impact via employment generated.

When you put your waste in different bins for paper, plastics, glass and so on, the contents of each are further segregated and taken to recycling plants.

Individuals, governing bodies and companies can take pride in minimizing their waste as they are helping to reduce global environmental damage and making this earth a better place to live.

It is a direct contribution that everyone can make.

The natural resources on our planet earth are limited so we must make the most to conserve, recycle and reuse whenever possible.

Recycling things involves using a product, in part or as a whole, in the production of similar or same products again.

We must also be aware of the emissions that result from the incineration.

Sometimes the heat generated is used to generate electrical power (waste to energy plants) to offset the damage and minimize the carbon footprint.

In New York alone, people produce enough trash in one day to fill the entire Empire State building.

The frustrating thing is, in most developed countries, it’s not that difficult to make a difference. If everyone repurposed their copy of a single edition of , we could save 75,000 trees.


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