Real Estate Development Company Business Plan

Marketing efforts may begin before you even break ground to sell speculative units.You’ll want to garner free publicity through public relations campaigns and design an advertising campaign that draws customers to the development once it’s completed.

If you haven’t had a chance to scale your business, there is no need to mention it here.

If you fall under this category, highlight your experience and background rather than object growth data.

Before developing a marketing plan, you need to conduct a feasibility study to determine your most likely housing candidates.

Your initial findings also drive your decisions about the kinds of units you should develop and how you’ll market them based on the makeup of the existing neighborhoods and the needs for additional housing in that area.

The idea is to paint a picture for readers; one that will leave them with a good understanding of your goals and why you deserve to be a part of this industry.

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In drafting a company description, you will want to include the following: It is important to remember that this description is as much for you as it is for others interested in learning more about your company.

A well-devised business plan is entirely capable of guiding real estate investors on the path to success and keeping their actions in line with their goals.

Even the best investors sometimes need a reminder as to why they are in the game.

As a developer, you need a marketing plan that’s all-inclusive, covering your progress from initial site plan announcements to sales of your finished products.

After identifying your target market, you can establish which types of marketing will reach that audience.


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