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To be fair, the i OS app is named "Audiobook Maker - Early Adopters." That said, the core functionality of text-to-speech works and the app is free (as of July 2017).

It's also never been easier to add text-to-speech capabilities to apps.

You can also choose to display the text of the article as you listen.

The app is free, although you can upgrade (for $1.99/month or $19.99/year) to get the ability to add an unlimited number of articles.

Voice Dream supports adjustable playback speeds, and allows you to customize pause time between sentences, too.

You can select from several system voices, and set a preferred speed, pitch, and volume for the voice.

All the other apps pronounced the four letter word "live" incorrectly for the context, as if it rhymed with "give." Audiobook Maker pronounced it correctly: "Live" rhymes with "hive." Audiobook Maker also was the only app with the option to display one word at a time, centered in the screen.

It also offered an option to highlight the word being read, while showing the surrounding text, in an adjustable size font.

Some apps show the text as it is spoken, while others offer a variety of voices.

All of these apps work on i OS, and support the capability to share an article from the browser to the app via the native i OS sharing system functions.


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