Ray Bradbury Technology Essay

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In Censorship in All Seasons Eric explained that The concerns of the day, the author was living in, can provide a useful backdrop for considering society’s potential for both good and evil(Eric 3).In the article Social Criticism it says, The government doesn’t want people to question anything politically in a large scale, the society they live in, the rules and the acts laid down by the government because if they do, some problems may lead to the detriment of government ( Harmaoglu 1537).The use of censorship shuts out the information that should be given to a society on what goes on behind the society and know just what they want them to know.In fact, you learn from the mistakes in which you make and you give yourself opportunities to overcome those situations.However, the characters in Fahrenheit 451 had no room for mistakes, but they also had no room to grow or learn for themselves.Using critical thinking in any form wasn’t tolerated.These characters were encouraged by one another to get some use of knowledge and critical thinking no matter what the consequences were.In the article Constructing Critical Literacy, It states that Through our participation in these communities.Or social worlds, we develop skills in using particular objects, or tools or text to accomplish the activities valued within these social worlds (Myers & Beach 258).In other words, we still use knowledge as a representational toward censorship.On the other hand, knowledge is developed through living a free life and being able to make your own decisions as people.


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