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Meanwhile, working behind the scenes, Nader played a critical role in the passage of the National Traffic and Vehicle Safety Act which went into effect in 1968 with the enactment of a set of standards for automobiles enforced by the newly created National Traffic Safety Agency (Jensen 2000; Klebanow and Jonas 2003).

Nader believes that much of what is wrong with American society is the fault of big business and unfettered corporate greed, manipulation, and domination.

In addition to increasing the accountability of carmakers to the American people, his work has improved the quality of life for Americans in areas as diverse as the environment, healthcare, insurance, and pension and disability rights.

He is also the founder of numerous nonprofit organizations which carry out this important work.

Probably the only way one man could be involved in so many public service activities is through complete focus and dedication to the detriment of a well-rounded life.

Indeed, since the 1960s, Nader has devoted his impressive energies to promoting his vision of democracy through the protection of consumers. He has not owned a car in forty years, lived in the same modest apartment in Washington for two decades, wears simple clothing, works long hours seven days a week, does not watch television, sees few films, has no credit cards, and returns the vast majority of his earnings to the work of his various nonprofits.

Through his efforts, consumers now realize their own power as social activists to make change through collective action.

Biographical Highlights Ralph Nader is the best known consumer advocate of the 20th century.

Secondly, in relation to government, he advocates for the creation of new regulatory agencies to protect consumers.

Finally, he encourages consumers to take action, come together, and fight for what is due to them (Klebanow and Jonas 2003).


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