Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

” These attitudes expressed by Aunt Alexandra demonstrate how the wealthy felt towards the poorer people in the 1930’s.This resulted in gender and racial discrimination and extreme poverty.During this time period many people were under extreme pressure just to keep alive.Race is one aspect of this process, but other elements in the story, such as the character of Boo Radley, demonstrate the degree to which the novel is about other forms of social ‘Other-ing’ and personal identification.Indeed, the issue of race is something which is not foregrounded until relatively far into the novel.In particular, it will be argued, following Meyer (2010) that the idea of the ‘Other’ is central to the novel’s characterisation, and that the process of ‘Other-ing’ is something which takes place both through racism and apart from it.The novel, narrated from the perspective of Scout, takes the form of a in which identity is negotiated by way of reference to the self and to communities.During the 1930’s, discrimination was a very common social problem.The Jim Crow Law and the Great Depression resulted in the discriminating values and attitudes portrayed by Americans during this time.The jury convicted Tom simply because it was his word against a white woman’s word.In truth Tom was just trying to help Mayella as she was needing someone to help her with a chore, but for the white people of Maycomb to think that a black man could help a white woman was preposterous!


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