Race And Culture Essay

The concept of difference brings about ethnicity and culture as observed across the globe.As a matter of fact tourism has been promoted by culture difference and ethnicity which has improved national economies (O%u201FDell, n. Characteristics of Culture The most conspicuous characteristic of culture is that it is open to all people who are interested.

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This explains why many indigenous groups which were distinct from each other do not belong to ethnic groups since they were not conscious of their ethnicity.

Therefore ethnicity as well as enlistment as an ethnic group requires that the members be conscious of their difference including their cultural differences from other groups as well as the similarities to identify with in their own culture.

Moreover, the paper will compare the cultural difference and ethnicity to identify whether they conflict.

Definitions of Culture and Ethnicity The social scientist have defined culture as complex make up of the actual and the symbolic elements of a given group which include beliefs, mythology, religion, ideas, sentiments, institutions and objects.

Whenever an ethnicity is being elaborated, it is apparent that culture has to be mentioned.

According to Darder (2005), ethnicity is thought by people to be a segment of population that share a common culture and participate in shared activities which generate from a common culture.This is because group identity is derived from cultural difference and failure to recognize culture implies that a group may not be developed.Thus ethnicity exists purely because of existence of different cultures.The culture represents a system which is learned and shared among members who then interpret experiences and proper manners.The system recognizes both personal and group identity and as such their ideas are equally included in the culture systems to be shared and taught (Davies, 2002).Therefore one of these groups is referred to as an ethnic group and may be of a nation, a people, a language or a religion.There was an earlier definition that defined an ethnic group as a different category of the population whereby its culture is different from that of a larger society it belongs.Thus in the actual sense individuals with different cultures but live without any problems arising from their differences are termed not to be ethnic considering the proper meaning of the word (Eller, 1999).The culture difference in itself does not become ethnicity on its own but it has to be taken and used by a group in modern ways so as to make it an ethnicity.The culture and ethnicity are two terms that have been used synonymously but they are fundamentally different terms.The practitioners have a considerable misunderstanding of the terms as well as their appropriate application.


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