Quoting A Website In Mla In An Essay

Paraphrasing means you should focus only on segments of a text. Paraphrasing is especially useful when you want to bring in a longer section of a source into your piece, but you don’t have room for the full passage.

A paraphrase doesn’t simplify the passage to an extreme level, like a summary would.

A paraphrase lacks quotation marks because you aren’t directly quoting, but it still needs a citation because you are using a specific segment of the text.

Secondly, if you’ll quote), you’ll see that I condensed nearly four lines of text into three lines.

It might be helpful to quote or paraphrase specific lines that contribute to the main themes of such a work.

Here is an example of me summarizing the news article on Tolkien: , he discusses the importance of digitizing an early English text.Helen mentions that “Tolkien could not bear such a negative association,” perhaps explaining Tolkien’s depiction of elves as brave, good creatures.In this summary, I have included the main ideas of the article, one paraphrase, and one direct quote.While similar to paraphrasing in that you use your own words, Summaries are useful because they allow you to mention entire chapters or articles—or longer works—in only one or two sentences.However, summaries can be longer and more in-depth. In literary analysis essays, it is useful to include one body paragraph that summarizes the work you’re writing about.Include an in-text citation when you refer to, summarize, paraphrase, or quote from another source.For every in-text citation in your paper, there must be a corresponding entry in your reference list.Let’s take a look at the be accompanied by an attribution, commonly called a citation.A misquote or failure to cite can be considered plagiarism.I have condensed a six-paragraph article into one single paragraph.As for giving source credit, since I name the author and title of the source at the beginning of the paragraph, I don’t need an in-text citation.


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