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As we've seen, rules that sustain many forms of domination are typically created and imposed by the state. This may result in several sub-groups operating separately as the "Federal Government" or as the "citizens." Once everyone is broken up into groups, the class will be invited to suggest a number of laws, serious or whimsical, which will be voted upon for use in the activity.

Laws can be used to stabilize power, especially by means of the state's bureaucratic apparatus, and by means of its coercive resources for monitoring and enforcing compliance. The law with the most votes will be used in the activity. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw upon the reading for this week and to conceive of ways to support and enforce the law we've voted upon in class.

When we are asking for dissent or challenge, we don’t realise that our minds are saying don’t do it, conform, it is less risk, less anxiety, it’s survival.

Also too strong narratives tend to shut down the opposite, or simply alternative ones.

In this it helps for the instructor to make brief notes about what the students came up with on a chalkboard or on an overhead transparency so that everyone can see. 33-53 in The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization, edited by T. Compliance, for example, can be monitored through police or military personnel, surveillance, etc., and compliance can be evaded by refusing to obey, by various means of protest, by evading police capture, etc.

Note that the description above is what may be called the "nature" of the discussion or dialog, i.e., to explore and illustrate, drawing upon student responses and the assigned reading, how laws can be used to create and stabilize power (as described above and as presented in the reading used to support this activity). "What resources you will need to ensure or carry out enforcement / what resources you will need to get the law changed? Educators should feel free to use and adapt this resource to their courses as they see fit provided that proper citation and attribution are given. Where they say they are may not be where they actually are.Promoting challenge and dissent must come with a safe environment, a very visibly safe one.Your intellect achievements being a given, what are you passionate about and why does it ignite that aliveness in you?This essay prompt gives the admissions committee a chance to better discern ‘what makes you tick’ up and beyond your academic history and professional trajectory.Each group is expected to draw explicitly upon the reading for this week, using terms and ideas from the article to support their goals and to respond to the other groups. Also note that the first two pages of the activity (beginning with the title, "Creating and Challenging the Status Quo," and ending with the section on "The Playing Field") are intended to be copied and distributed to students as a hand-out or "flyer" for their use in this activity.This is meant to be a fun activity to help illustrate many of the dynamics described in the reading for the week. Here is an illustrative sample of discussion/dialog questions that instructors may use to generate discussion and to assess student learning.The "Citizens" will then be invited to respond, presenting how they would challenge the status quo and overturn the law.The floor will then be opened to allow groups to go back and forth with how they would respond to the other's actions to variously support and enforce the law or to challenge and overturn the law. Note: This reading above by Piven and Cloward may be used to support this activity.If you enjoyed this resource, please take a moment to provide a testimonial. The art of dissenting should be taught in management education.


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