Queen Elizabeth 1 Biography Essay

Queen Elizabeth 1 Biography Essay-89
One of the three major problems that Elizabeth had to face was the Spanish Armada.It began when Phillip It’s wife Mary, also Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded by Elizabeth’s signature on her death warrant.The record of her reading shows that Elizabeth read almost the whole works of Cicero and Livy, Sophocles and Isocrates, the Greek Testament and the writings of St. In 1547, when Elizabeth was fourteen, King Henry died, and the young Edward was separated from his sister to fulfill his duties as the new King of England.

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To intercept the Spaniards, England sent their ships. What had happened was England had sunk quit a few of Spain’s ships.

The reason for the improved structure of these ships was that they were smaller and more manageable. However, the ships that had not got to damage tried to escape to the North Sea.

She had situations that she had to conquer and still keep in mind what was best for the people of England.

Elizabeth became the Queen of England after her step-sister Mary passed away in 1558.

But a storm known as the ‘Protestant Winds’ blew in and wrecked more of Spain’s ships. The outcome for England led them to explore overseas. One was the religious persecution left behind by her stepsister Mary. The religious problem in England was becoming more and more corrupt.

The puritans were not fully satisfied with the changes taking place.Elizabeth’s reign was known as the Elizabethan Age.The reason for this was because she was such a determined women and many positive things happened because of her.Parliament had always told Elizabeth to marry, and Elizabeth would overlook what they said. However, the puritans became sort of a problem to her. Mary tried to follow through with a plot to kill Elizabeth. Elizabeth ruled out her reign to the fullest of her capacity.The puritans began to question the government policies. She helped England succeed in many things, all because of her personality and will to want to.They wanted the English Church to be even more purified.The puritans were against Catholism and wanted to abolish it all together.However, Elizabeth as well as any other monarch felt disunity would subject then to harmful situations later on.This led Elizabeth to persecute tine two religions.Essay on the biography of Elizabeth I – The Reformer Queen .Elizabeth I brought much prosperity and mystery to the throne of England.


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