Qualitative Research Method Essay

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The role of the Board is to evaluate your research proposal and determine whether it will be conducted ethically and under the regulations, institutional polices, and Code of Ethics set forth by the university.

The purpose of the review is to protect the rights and welfare of individuals participating in your study.

Additionally, as the primary instrument of investigation, qualitative researchers are often imbedded in the cultures and experiences of others.

However, cultural embeddedness increases the opportunity for bias generated from Almost every socio-behavioral study requires you to submit your proposed research plan to an Institutional Review Board.

Unlike positivist or experimental research that utilizes a linear and one-directional sequence of design steps, there is considerable variation in how a qualitative research study is organized.

In general, qualitative researchers attempt to describe and interpret human behavior based primarily on the words of selected individuals [a.k.a., “informants” or “respondents”] and/or through the interpretation of their material culture or occupied space.This facilitates an understanding of the processes that led to specific outcomes, trading generalizability and comparability for internal validity and contextual and evaluative understanding.Questions to ask yourself are: What will you actually do in conducting this study?Discuss the benefits of your study and how stakeholders can use your results. For example, small sample sizes help you investigate research problems in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.Also, note the limitations of your study and, if appropriate, place them in the context of areas in need of further research. However, small sample sizes undermine opportunities to draw useful generalizations from, or to make broad policy recommendations based upon, the findings.How can the data that you have, or that you could potentially collect, support or challenge your ideas about what’s going on? Conclusion Although Maxwell does not mention a conclusion as one of the components of a qualitative research design, you should formally conclude your study. In this way, qualitative research can be used to vividly demonstrate phenomena or to conduct cross-case comparisons and analysis of individuals or groups.Briefly reiterate the goals of your study and the ways in which your research addressed them. It is very much true that most of the limitations you find in using qualitative research techniques also reflect their inherent strengths.What theories, beliefs, and prior research findings will guide or inform your research, and what literature, preliminary studies, and personal experiences will you draw upon for understanding the people or issues you are studying?Note to not only report the results of other studies in your review of the literature, but note the methods used as well.What do you not know about the things you are studying that you want to learn?What questions will your research attempt to answer, and how are these questions related to one another?


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