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Gardner’s luck goes from bad to worse as he and his son are evicted from their home and must survive on the streets of San Francisco.The father and son are forced to move from place to place seeking shelter wherever they can find it, even spending one night in a subway bathroom.

He does all of this while trying to keep he and his son from becoming completely impoverished.

Laced with captivating characters, a high level of entertainment, and an overall capability of leaving a permanent effect on the audience, The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) is an amazingly true story of an underdog rising to the top despite his ups and downs to get there.

Though most scenes in the film have a very solemn feel, Smith’s cautious optimism and ambitious nature make us want to root for him to succeed.

In a role that could have easily been played syrupy-sweet, Smith instead chooses to let his raw emotions shine through adding a layer of realism. Portraying a child whose life and economic background is so completely opposite from his own doesn’t seem to be a challenge for the young actor.

Things start looking up for Gardner when he applies for an internship with a stock brokerage firm.

Though the internship is unpaid, one of the 20 interns will be chosen to stay with the company full-time.

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15, 2006 Drama Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith, Dan Castellaneta, Zuhair Haddad Steve Conrad Gabriele Muccino Sony Pictures Releasing Movie Web site Chris Gardner: A Determined Father -- Meet the man behind the film.

I guess that is why the film is titled Though we do learn what became of him, we never get to see much of the joy that comes from Gardner’s struggles.

For this reason, the movie is not a feel-good picture that will leave you with the warm fuzzies.


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