Purpose Of Creative Writing

One of the most important ways to bring creative writing to life is through conversations among characters.

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Other purposes for writing certainly exist, and more specific sub-purposes can exist within these four categories.

You may write to pass an English class, to express your feelings to a loved one, to get your money back on a disappointing purchase, or to remind your brother to take out the trash.

Fortunately, there are only a few simple rules or conventions to keep in mind when writing dialogue. Note that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, and periods change to commas since with “said tags” the spoken words are part of the same sentence as the tag.

Dialogue tags are signals that tell the reader which character is speaking. The first type of dialogue tag can be referred to as the “said tag.” “Said tags” utilize verbs for communicating words. For the same reason “said” and “asked” are not capitalized in the above examples.

In addition, the organization will teach students to harness creativity effectively with a variety of different contests or workshops and exercises so as to benefit an individual's skill and competence as a writer.

The Creative Writing Club's secondary purpose is to provide a focused forum in which students can build a professional writing resume.

It is a practical kind of writing (the kind you are reading right now! Examples of expository writing include encyclopedia entries, news reports, instruction manuals, informative essays, and research papers.

Persuasion (persuasive writing): Persuasive writing seeks to convince the reader of a particular position or opinion.

Even if they eventually specialize in a particular type of writing, there is great benefit in learning to write broadly.

Below is an overview of the basic purposes for writing.


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