Public School System Essay

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On the other hand, we will find many education Institutions corrupt.

Other say that students who show improvements be rewarded? It is indisputable that rewards and incentives motivate individuals to keep working for better results and improvement.

Students, particularly need this motivation to concentrate and keep focused in their studies.

Although the usage of vocabulary and grammar is good, the response is completely deviated from the topic.

by Hasan mustafa (Brisbane, QLD, Australia ) Some people think only students who get the best academic results should be rewarded.

Finally, the most debated point of recent time is to eradicate quota based admissions for minority sections of Society.

Public School System Essay

Eventually, by doing this, most eligible student can get to study and not the one who enters through some quota.The main role of structure of teaching, and learning became complex, where great majority of society think that, the schools are major responsible for teaching, and learning of students.Nevertheless, parents, and society, must work as whole, having as result of make them prepared for the society.And, in respect of country obtain a good development social, and economical, a good education system is needed.Have a good education system, the schools, institutes, and universities need obtain a good structure of learning, and teaching for children, and students.In conclusion, to have a good education system, the society and government must work as whole, because the future of society and progress of country is comparatively reflected by the success of students in their education.Hello,when I was reading your essay, I noticed essentially two things that my humble knowledge of writing and grammar says they are not correct. I think you got a little bit out of what the prompt convey to discuss.I believe if you review some of the preparatory lessons here, it will help you a lot to develop correctly your answer.Secondly, I think you use too many commas where it is not needed or where it is not correct grammatically.The structure of environment at schools given to the students, should occur healthy, not just physically, but also mentally, and socially.The comfort, is required and, the classes must be well ventilated, and large enough to accommodate the students, and even though some schools obtain smaller classes, is essential obtain small group of students, then teacher will have more flexibility for teaching, and give individual attention to them.


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