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Those actions then benefit us and those around us, a ripple effect which can be a force for good.

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It can also be applied in the home, in relationships, in child rearing and all aspects of daily life.

It is usefully applied in creative endeavours, including writing and art, both its creation and appreciation.

Psychosynthesis brings together the two traditions of psychology and mysticism.

Psychology is then infused with a sense of soul and meaning, whilst the mystery traditions benefit from the grounding and reflective qualities of psychology.

Spirituality can refer to an ultimate reality or transcendent dimension of the world; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his or her being, or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.” From Carl Jung and others in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Anthropology there is an acceptance of what is known as transpersonal qualities.

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These attributes and qualities that the human being appreciates include the following:- BEAUTY, COMPASSION, COMPREHENSION, COURAGE, CREATIVITY, ENERGY, POWER, ENTHUSIASM, ETERNITY, INFINITY, UNIVERSALITY, FREEDOM, LIBERATION, DETACHMENT, COOPERATION, FRIENDSHIP, BROTHERHOOD, GENEROSITY, GOODNESS, GOODWILL, GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, ADMIRATION, WONDER, HARMONY, HUMOR, INCLUSIVENESS, JOY, BLISS, LIGHT, LOVE, ORDER, PATIENCE, POSITIVENESS, REALITY, TRUTH, RENEWAL, TRUST, FAITH, SERENITY, PEACE, SERVICE, SILENCE, QUIET, CALM, SIMPLICITY, SYNTHESIS, WHOLENESS, UNDERSTANDING, VITALITY, WILL, WISDOM.This awareness creates choices for us; if we use our Will and act on these choices, we can be free from previous patterns and open up to new experiences and ways of being.In psychosynthesis, The Will is central to psychosynthesis.Often we can be overtaken by unconscious patterns from the past, or swept away by possibilities and dreams.So strengthening our understanding of who we are in the here and now, aware of our tendencies to get caught up with the past and the future, is an important part of psychosynthesis.Without dogmatism or prescription, Psychosynthesis addresses both personal and spiritual development, honouring the unique creativity and path of each individual, their place in the world and in relationship.Psychosynthesis is a practical system that integrates principles and techniques from many approaches to personal and spiritual growth.Psychosynthesis is the ground on which my coaching is based.It involves starting to allow in our creativity, our dreams and connect to what is important to us, our values.Our Will can get trapped by fear or anxiety and then we feel powerless.But when our Will is aligned with our purpose and values, we are more able to challenge beliefs that limit us, and there is more ease to our actions.


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