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While this is a common issue, when taken to obsession it can become a serious problem, and is likely more a matter of mental health than an issue of physical appearance.

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Not everyone is blessed with perfect skin, a cute nose or perky breasts.

Every year, millions of women and men select surgical treatments to enhance, minimize, nip and tuck all manner of physical features.

Clearly, the most obvious benefit of plastic surgery is improved appearance, improved self-confidence and better body image.

However; there are no sure-fire ways to guarantee that you’ll get the results you really want.

This paper argues that while plastic surgery is giving people a chance to attain the look they so much desire, its drawbacks are numerous hence it is not a worthwhile solution.

Plastic or cosmetic surgery involves repairing, replacing, or reconstructing a person’s external body part or enhancing the body parts through cosmetic procedures to attain the desired look. According to the proponents of cosmetic surgery, it enhances one’s physical appearance, enabling him or her to achieve a look they desire.While the procedures are “cosmetic” in nature, cosmetic plastic surgery is still real, surgery. Be sure that you are fully informed about the risks involved.The bottom line is that plastic surgery, no matter how minor, is still a medical procedure that can affect your physical wellbeing and health.Consider very carefully the benefits and drawbacks of the surgery you’re interested in.Some men, women and teens find that their physical flaws seriously limit their social interaction and personal success, and have an effect on their overall self-satisfaction.For them, make-ups and push-up bras are part of the solution.A different, more precise route has however emerged over the past few decades: plastic surgery.Men are attracted to beautiful ladies, and ladies too, want a perfect, handsome man.While some women are endowed with beautiful curvatures, hips to die for, and a perfect face, nose, eyes, and lips, many more women feel discontented about their physical appearance.Sometimes, outer appearance can seem like the main problem, when in reality, it’s what’s inside that’s making you feel insecure.If you’ve been deliberating about a cosmetic procedure, your fist step should be a careful and objective review of your goals, expectations and needs.


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