Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

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Patients ill with cancer for their treatment won't need to go to the states in which marijuana is resolved, it will improve their life and will allow feeling better.

As marijuana has a bad brand, many patients will not buy and use it because of the fear.

Legalization of marijuana will fix this dangerous problem. Economy of legal costs Every day policemen arrest hundreds people for using or possession of marijuana that leads to overfilling of courts and excessive legal costs.

Legalization of marijuana will help legal costs and will give to judges the chance to be engaged closely in more important legal cases. Release of the crowded prisons Our prisons are overflowed by the prisoners arrested because of marijuana.

Just think of taxes which can be collected from marijuana sale.

Such big income can be extremely useful to payment of many state programs.

Besides, legalization of marijuana will let sick people to buy and use it freely for the medical purposes without going on different tricks.

The advantage of marijuana in improvement of health was proved not only at patients with hard cancer. Quieter travel If the person lives in the state in which marijuana is allowed for use in the medical or entertaining purposes, he won't be afraid of arrest until he goes to other countries.

Legalization and prohibition of marijuana in some countries complicates the solution of this question even more.

Some governments want to legalize this medicine for use only in the medical purposes whereas others want to legalize it only for entertainment.


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