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The purpose of this paper is to review the promotion strategy of distribution channels, which emphasize the support by the members of the channel, initiated by the producers through cooperative advertisements, promotional salaries, slotting taxes, incentives, promotions in markets and also special promotional agreements.

The purpose of this paper is to review the promotion strategy of distribution channels, which emphasize the support by the members of the channel, initiated by the producers through cooperative advertisements, promotional salaries, slotting taxes, incentives, promotions in markets and also special promotional agreements.The theoretical and practical side of the study are very important, especially regarding to new theoretical and practical views in the study context.This proposal is intended for obtaining the approval of carrying out the marketing term paper on The topic - “FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMERS’ BUYING PATTERN TOWARDs WIMAX MODEM IN BANGLADESH- a study on BANGLALION Wi Max Modem.” In order to fulfill the requirements of conducting the practical marketing term paper for the course of “Marketing management (MKT201)”.

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Though previously there have been some wireless internet service providers operating in the industry, due to various reasons like high prices and low coverage, the concept of wireless internet service couldn’t make its place in the crowd. promised to remove these shortcomings two years back and quite successfully have started their operations.

The significance and objectives of the term paper, design of the research methods and schedule of the report submission are clarified throughout the upcoming sections.

The product or service can be physical, or "non-physical", i.e.

it can be something material that can be touched, such as a car, phone or grocery, or it can be something like car washing, a digital product or service, a repair service, or a travel service.

It is a necessary ingredient to a continuing planning process, yet it is often not carried out.

We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.Place is a definition that means the marketed products accessibility.The idea of place has come a long way, developed by using geographic analysis of selling and buying of services or products, into the virtual market place globally.Therefore, the strategies which involve the members of the channel have a higher probability to be positively accepted by the members of the channel, when they are part of a general program of supporting the needs of the producers.The process of realizing a marketing strategy of a company does not concise only of achieving specific goals of production during the realization of the promotion phase, but it also requires identifying the target market and achieving it.This paper contains empirical data collected by questionnaires and interviews. Onditi a.(2012), "An evaluation of promotional elements influencing sales of an organization: A case study of sales of agricultural and non-agricultural products among ëomen groups, homa bay district, kenya" , Maseno University Kanya. and Deng X.(2012), "Cooperative Advertising in a Distribution Channel with Fairness Concerns", Departament of Mathematical Sciences Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China.Road A., Daryaganj, (2007), "Marketing Dynamics- Theory and Practice", Nju Delhi – , New Age International (P) Ltd, Sunday. (2011), "Strategic influence of promotional mix on organisation sale turnover in the face of strong competitorsadebisi" - University of Ado Ekiti. (2012), "Distribution channels and their roles in the enterprise" - Journal of Management studies. (2003), "Vertical interactions in marketing channels: a game theoretic view". Kotler (1984) defines a product as something that is offered in a market, which can be used for acquisition, attention or consumption.This includes physical objects, places, things to do, personalities and ideas.This constant evolution has given the chance for new and original marketing techniques to emerge, which have no restrictions.Product placement is a marketing strategy which needs money and will involve a certain level of risk.


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