Product Design Coursework Aqa

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Six criteria are produced for assessment and each criterion has five bands of marks.Staff are expected to review all peer assessed and self-assessed work and provide guidance when necessary.Student folders are taken in by the class teacher at least twice per term (based on a standard 6 week term).The Assessment Criteria for A2 coursework are given below.AQA will provide exemplar material and detailed guidance to illustrate the standard of work required for this coursework unit.Assessment feedforward sheets are used as part of the assessment marking process at the end of each unit which usually marries up to each term.Staff comments provide guidance on how students can improve their level of understanding.There is also a coursework folder breakdown of what you should consider on your coursework sheets.AQA Product design revision guide The Essentials of GCSE Design & Technology: Product Design (Lonsdale Revision Guides) by Brian Russell.Designing your own design sheet You will need to create a layout for your design sheets.Open an example sheet to see what is required on your layout sheet.


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