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Welcome to the Tricki – a Wiki-style site with a large store of useful mathematical problem-solving techniques.Some of these techniques are very general, while others concern particular subareas of mathematics.In fact ISPs often times have unstated goals and constraints that must be determined by those solving the problem.

It is no longer under active development, but since it still has a number of excellent articles, it is being kept up. If you want to go straight to the articles, then you have several options.

| Collaborative Environment Design | Collaborative Scenario | Sample Collaborative Environment Plan | Introduction to Ill-Structured Problems | Designing a Problem Space for a Collaborative Work Environment | Preparing an Online Collaborative Environment Plan When people collaborate, they are primarily engaged in designing a new approach in order to solve a genuinely unique problem.

This problem that they are attempting to solve is generally ill-defined or ill-structured in nature.

While accomplishing these rote tasks are an important part of resolving more complex ill-structured problems, they require a direct step-by-step approach to problem solving.

This lesson focuses primarily on designing a collaborative environment for solving more complex ill-structured problems.


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