Problem Solving Techniques In Artificial Intelligence

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Next, the AI techniques of Means-End Analysis, Generate and Test, and Production Systems were applied to the same puzzle.

This includes problem representation for computation, "weak" methods of searching for a problems solution, knowledge representations that facilitate more efficient search strategies and planning - an advanced problem solving technique.

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Students are encouraged to introduce new problems during the lectures.

Understand the basic framework of artificial intelligence systems used today focusing on the application search methodologies to solve difficult problems.

The emphasis will be in informed search techniques, constraint satisfaction, advanced heuristic search techniques, and application of machine learning in search.

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The course covers these topics: The use of search methods will be illustrated by examples, which show the application of these methods for solving of different hard problems with high practical relevance.We find that combining simple agents together in a larger system can bring us to true intelligence - in both biological and technological systems.In this section we introduce Builder, one of the first robotic artificial intelligences created.A procurement decision model for a video rental store - A case study BJ Kok, JF Bekker Fairness of seat allocation methods in proportional representation L van Eck, SE Visagie, HC de Kock A sequential insertion heuristic for the initial solution to a constrained vehicle routing problem JW Joubert, SJ Claasen On the Delta(D)–chromatic number of a complete balanced multipartite graph AP Burger, I Nieuwoudt, JH van Vuuren Threat evaluation and weapon assignment decision support JN Roux, JH van Vuuren Real-world problems often do not lend themselves to an algorithmic solution.Humans, however, cope with these problems despite their fallible problem solving techniques.A blend of these two techniques can improve project planning in the future.Course Description: This course teaches the main artificial intelligence search techniques used for problem solving.This section provides an overview of the basic concepts that underlie every artificial intelligence system.We review some of the common assumptions about the actions of agents, including what they know and how they make decisions.Traditional network-based techniques for project planning have been somewhat limited in capacity, and require much work from project planners.The artificial intelligence (AI) technique employs a problem solving strategy for project planning that can be beneficial to project managers.


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