Problem Solving Lesson Plan

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Enrichment: For students who need an extra challenge, provide the Math Ninja worksheet.Solomon advised students not to rush to find a rule, but rather to explore cases and gather data first. Cho, in the Fish Derby problem, brought the whole group together to work on interpreting the graph and the area of feasibility.Both of these examples show that a key component of an effective lesson is the balance between individual/group work and the chance for students to share and compare their approaches, strategies, and solutions in presentations to the whole class.Interest students in the problem and in thinking about their own related knowledge.Circulate, using seating chart to note each student’s solution approach.Add teacher moves (questions, turn-and-talk, votes) as needed to build important mathematics.Write on the board a brief summary of what the class learned during the lesson, using student ideas and words where possible.Students should build on their previous knowledge as they begin to solve the problem.A critical goal of the solution process is the deepening and extension of students' understanding of mathematical concepts, along with development of problem-solving expertise.Teachers study the curriculum, anticipate student thinking, and select and sequence the student presentations that allow the class to build the new mathematics.Classroom routines for presentation and discussion of student work, board organization and reflective mathematics journals work together to allow students to do the mathematical heavy-lifting.


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