Problem Solving Ks2

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Children have to explain their opinion, deepening their understanding of the main question.The extend feature gives a more challenging, related question for the children to solve.Making a list is a strategy that will help students sort out the information that has been given in the problem.

Children have to explain their opinion, deepening their understanding of the main question.

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Using a table is a good way to sort out and organise the information that has been given in the question.

The information that has been set out in the table will hopefully lead students to the correct solution.

Here are the support prompts for the above examples: The explain features then provide an opportunity for children to reason based on the initial task.

Prompts may ask children to explain a mistake, spot a pattern or make a link with a similar question.

Play this quiz for 9-10 year olds and see what you have remembered.

Problem Solving Ks2

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Once the pattern has been identified, the students can predict what will happen next and then continue the pattern to find the correct solution.

Working backwards is an excellent strategy to use when the final outcome of the problem has already been given.

Two cycling-mad schoolchildren are taken on a tour of the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

They meet world individual pursuit champion Sarah Storey, and are set a maths challenge related to cycling.


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