Problem Solving In The Classroom

Problem Solving In The Classroom-6
As a child, perhaps you had a “problem of the week” to solve, perhaps on Fridays.Engaging with a word problem was your reward for getting through four days of worksheets and homework.

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Problem-solving as an event or reward is not what we have in mind for our school mathematics.

What do we mean when we say “mathematics problems”?

Think about a young child trying to accomplish a goal. Even if it’s a long crawl across the room to pet the cat, they keep going.

Even if there’s a latch on the kitchen cabinet so they can’t open it, they keep trying to get to the pots and pans inside.

The mathematical world is an interesting place to be, and to live.

Our students need to be shown that it is our world, too.

Focus: The Impact of Restorative Class Meetings in Elementary school Time: min Who & Where: Developmental Studies Center, Educating Minds and Hearts Grade Level: Elementary School Description: In this video school staff discusses class meetings as a way for students to learn to work together, build community and learn and practice social and emotional skills.

At the start of the year, class meetings are held to set norms together.

This video outlines three tiers of Restorative Practices: 1. Community and relationship repair and conflict resolution, 3.

Reintegration after a removal or other kind of absence.


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